Can I study in English?
Yes, the specificity of the degree offered at the Pass-world Business Schools is that you can choose to study the Bachelors and Masters in English or in French.
Which type of test is required to apply?
To apply you must pass a management aptitude test such as TAGE MAGE, GMAT, CAT, GRE or PAT. The TAGE MAGE is a French test dispensed by an organization called FNEGE which organizes test sessions across the globe (from October to March). For more information on the TAGE MAGE and to find out dates of sessions please refer to the FNEGE website. Note that Pass-world is authorized to organize TAGE MAGE sessions (outside of FNEGE sessions) for a 130 Euro additional fee. Pass-world also has its own test, the PAT test, which is included in the application fees. Note that there is no minimum test score required. Pass-world also requires an English language level test such IELTS, TOEC, TOEFL or the Pass-world language test.
Which documents must I submit with my application?
To prove your eligibility you must provide a certain number of official documents:

  • An official document testifying to the applicant’s identity (passport/ID Card)
  • A copy of each university degree obtained, translated into French or English, or a study Certificate from your university or school
  • Your marks transcripts translated into French or English
  • Copy of test score certificates (management aptitude and language)
  • Resume/CV
  • Letter of recommendation or motivation (optional)
How much are the application fees?
The application fees cost 120 Euros for the Bachelor program and 170 Euros or 300 Euros if you wish to pass the TAGE MAGE with Pass-world for the Master porgram. You can pay these by credit card in your online account or via bank transfer (bank details available on demand).
How do I obtain my results?
To find out your admission results consult your online account. Green means you are admitted in a school, red means you have not been admitted.
What is the cost of school tuition fees? Is any financial aid available?
The cost of school fees varies from one school to another. They cost between 6400 and 7400 Euros per year for the Bachelor program, and between 7890 and 12 341 Euros per year for the Master program. Pass-world does not offer any financial aid to students. However, scholarships are available to international students coming to France under certain conditions. Please contact your local French consulate or refer to the following French government website www.education.gouv.fr for more information.
Which type of visa do I need?
Yes, all non-European students planning to stay more than 6 months in France must apply for a long-term student visa. The visa procedure may vary from country to country. We suggest that you start applying for your visa as soon as possible, at least 2 months before the start of term. For more information on obtaining a French student visa please consult the main Campus France website http://www.campusfrance.org/fr. Note that Pass-world sends official admission letters only to those students who have paid their school fee deposit.
How can I find accommodation?
Likewise, to obtain a student visa you must provide proof of accommodation in France. Some schools offer places in halls of residence but you can also choose to rent a room or a studio or even flat-share with other students (flat-sharing is increasingly common in France). Moreover, the international admissions office at the school can help students find accommodation and there are many useful websites you can consult to obtain information on accommodation in France.
What will be my day to day living expenses?
French legislation requires that all foreign students dispose of sufficient funds to live in France and you may be asked to prove this to French authorities in your country, in order to obtain your visa. The minimum sum required is typically around 615 Euros per month though it is usually recommended that you allow between 700 and 900 Euros per month. Bear in mind that living that the cost of living will also vary according to which city you live in.
Do I need medical cover?
Make sure that you are sufficiently covered by your medical insurance. Upon arrival in France, you will have to apply for French medical insurance to obtain a ‘Carte Vitale’ and benefit from universal medical coverage.
What are the employment opportunities in France during and after the course?
The student visa gives all students the right to work up to 20 hours a week. Moreover, paid internship periods are included in the degree (one in the first year and one in the second). During the course you will also benefit from career guidance and job-seeking workshops to help you construct your professional project.

If you have any other questions please fill in the question sheet provided.