How to apply

How to apply to Pass-world

To apply with Pass-world and have the chance to study at one of 6 prestigious French Business Schools, all students must sit a management aptitude test of 2 hours, an English language level test as well as participate in a 20 minute  interview with a Pass-world jury.

You have until the 31st of May to register online and submit a complete application file (the tests and interview must all be completed).

We urge you to apply at the earliest, especially if you must apply for a long-stay student visa to come to France.

Please note that the last day for sending applications is set to the 10th of June.

If you complete all the stages of the process by the 19th of every month, Pass-world sends your application to your first choice of school. Applications leave (via our automatic online system) every 20th of the month (outside of weekends and French bank holidays) from October to June.

Consult our online calendar to find out the exact electronic admission dates. Pass-world generally informs you of your results by the end of the month.

Participating in a Pass-world Admissions session

After registering online and completing your application (choice of test, choix of schools, motivational questions, documents, application fees), you will be able to register for a test and interview session.

Pass-world and its representatives organise spot admission sessions  in various countries throughout the year.

Consult our online calendar to find out the dates of our next sessions and presence at international fairs across the globe.

Do not hesitate to contact us if no session is scheduled in your country of residence and we will endeavour to find a solution together.