Welcome to the first edition of the « EM Strasbourg Winter Games!

The EM Strasbourg Student Career Support Service, Cap Career, organized the first edition of the « EM Strasbourg Winter Games », the week of 9 January 2017 for students of the Grande Ecole programme.
Its mission : to help students to build their professional project.

Each year, a week of seminars with practical workshops to develop their skills in terms of being able / soft skills and an individual appointment to accompany them in the formulation of their professional project are organized.
This year, the first edition of the EM Strasbourg Winter Games was launched to boost and innovate student career support.

The idea is to propose an innovative module offering them through the game / sports challenge, the possibility of:
– Exit their comfort zone – Self-confidence
– Bring them to excel and discover their abilities –Sens of the challenge
– Be an actor and not a spectator – Proactivity
– Get to know one another better to bring his strength to the team – Find his place in a team (choice of his role before the start of the game)
– Leveraging the collective to cultivate success – Teamwork (sanctioning the collective in case of non-compliance)

Many challenges have been proposed to meet the challenge: BUILD YOUR TEAM!
On the program, 6H of individual and collective challenges for 450 students of the Grande Ecole program, 16 teams of 30 people, collective and individual prizes.

From challenge to challenge, students will have to build ONE team, one that will be able to stand out from others during collective challenges:
Challenge « The magic squares! « : This collective challenge will reveal your progress and your ability to function as a team.
Challenge « The infernal race »: To travel as far as possible in a team within a defined time: It is not the results that bring respect and weld the group but the investment and the mutual commitment of each in relation to a common objective.
Challenge « Our building »: The team must make a construction made of cardboard. The construction will be evaluated on the height but also on the esthetic / symbolic couple.
Challenge « Take Height! »: Exceeding one another to produce a collective performance
Challenge « Follow the guide! : Develop confidence in my teammates and strengthen the group’s cohesion
Challenge «Staying on the wire …»: Searching for performance means knowing how to walk on the wire, finding an unstable balance between mastered competence and reasoned risk taking.

The objective of this awareness and development of managerial skills through sport? Help students unravel the mysteries of collective performance. To quote Zinédine Zidane: « We win and we lose as a team.  »

Ready ? Your turn !

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