The Pass-world competitive entrance exam


Pass-world is a joint competitive entrance exam that enables international students to gain access to 6 Schools of Management, either at Bachelor level (1st or 3rd-year level entry for 3 of the 6 schools) or Master level (in 6 of the Pass-world alliance member schools). 

The 2018-2019 regulations of the competitive entrance exam gives all the details about the registration process, the organization of the exams and the admissions process.


The 6  Pass-world member schools are also members of the Passerelle Association (a non-profit organization created under the French 1901 law), which deploys a team of around 15 professionals with a natural enthusiasm for the world of education, with a special emphasis upon higher education.

The association is assigned by its member schools to set up a series of parallel admissions student recruitment examinations:

This opportunity offers students and their families considering a School of Management educational direction one single contact via which they can study the various options and apply for one of the entrance exams.