BSB launches an MSc in Data Science & Organizational Behavior

Published on 08/06/2018

From the beginning of the next academic year, BSB will be delivering an MSc in Data Science & Organizational Behavior…

It will be available both as a specialist option in the third year of the Grande Ecole Master in Management programme or as a standalone degree.

Taught entirely in English at BSB, this MSc is designed to provide training to future leaders in how to manage big data with a high level of expertise.

Devised in response to the new landscape where artificial intelligence has never been more important, the programme is perfectly tailored to meet the recent recommendations of the Villani Report by prioritising a multi-skills approach and combining technical knowledge with a people-oriented data manipulation method. It is the only programme of its kind in Europe to teach data production and how to use it as a managerial tool.

Technical and managerial skills custom-made for new professions

The main aim of the MSc in Data Science & Organizational Behavior is to deliver training that enables students to master programming techniques and therefore produce data, but also know how to manage and analyse those data in order to employ them as managerial tools. The programme is designed for managers and engineers alike who will go on to become the type of business leaders required in a world that has been transformed by the digital revolution.

« Our alumni will be capable of creating value from an ever-increasing mass of information”, explains Angela Sutan, Head of the MSc programme. “This is one of the stiffest challenges faced by the world today, especially within companies: how best to generate and manage data in order to support decision-making in relation to people. The thinking behind the programme provides the perfect response to the recent recommendations by M.P. Villani, which focus especially on these two aspects. »

Graduates of the programme will therefore be equipped with the necessary skills to evolve within new professions related to artificial intelligence by linking technique with strategy – global strategy, data analysis, consulting, marketing, banking, HR and business creation.

A programme grounded in a hot-bed of behavioural science expertise

The MSc in Data Science & Organizational Behavior will be the flagship programme of the school’s Behavioural Economics department, one of the six BSB centres of academic excellence. It will receive support from the LESSAC Laboratory for Social Science Experimentation and Behaviour Analysis. It was set up in 2008 and represents the largest experimental economics platform in Europe and welcomes the world’s top researchers in the area.

In addition to the significant amount of content dedicated to programming, students will also benefit from a privileged behavioural sciences learning environment featuring the use of various simulation tools and business games designed to enable experimentation of decision-making strategies within our new digital reality. They will also be fully immersed in the working world thanks to the participation of and direct contact with international professional guest speakers, experts and big data start-ups.

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