BSB’s New Urban Campus: a truly great place to be

Published on 11/12/2017

Since the beginning of the academic year, BSB students have been enjoying their new Dijon campus…

It was entirely redesigned to be an urban campus located in the heart of Dijon, with spaces adapted to new teaching and new work methods, and to be a place where its new generation of students feel at home.

The new campus is centred on the student experience, a key part of BSB’s philosophy. As such, most classes take place in small classrooms (maximum 40 students), guaranteeing personalised and high-quality teaching.

But the campus is much more than a traditional place to learn. Beyond the stimulating work environment it offers, it is a place of inspiring exchange and more globally, a true home away from. The urban campus is part of the city with newly extended opening hours and offers numerous student services and facilities.

Street food trucks regularly sell their fare, and an open Kitchen, a gym, a music studio and a large Lounge to meet and work, offer students a comprehensive experience. In addition, some 500m2 are entirely dedicated to student clubs and societies and the natural decor has been preserved thanks to the courtyard park.

BSB’s Dijon-Sambin campus is also home to the new School of Wine & Spirits Business building, which includes two wine cellars, one for wines, The Cellar, and the other for spirits, The Spirits World. This high-tech building also houses The Wine & Spirits Business Lab, The Tasting Room, and a reception room, The Club.

The Entrepreneurial Garden (TEG) is just a stone’s throw away for Dijon-Sambin. The 700 m2 facility is a genuine collective ecosystem entirely dedicated to entrepreneurship. This incubator is home to a highly qualified teaching team, student entrepreneurs and the key players that make up the entrepreneurial ecosystem (business angels, chartered accountants, etc.).

The Learning Center: the heart of the campus

BSB’s new Dijon-Sambin campus has been built around its state-of-the-art Learning Center. It is located under the Schools emblematic glass roof and has kept the original door of the building from 1900, which still stands tall. The Center offers multiple work spaces to suit the ever evolving needs of both students and faculty members: cooperative, individual, creative, teaching and disconnected.

The Learning Center was inspired by the American Third Place concept, referring to social environments that are different from those of the house and the workplace. It is therefore not only a classical library where books amply fill the shelves, but also a place that is dedicated to BSB’s social life.

There is a work environment for every taste: self-training the Kaizen Room with individual cubicles for enhanced concentration; coaching with BSB’s Career Center; cooperative work Hub Creativity spaces, and different open mind spaces that open windows to the world (culture, wine, international television channels, etc.). Last, but certainly not the least, the Patio is a genuinely original outside space that offers students green grass and fresh air.

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