Dare to try something different

Published on 13/11/2017

If you want to learn in a different way, trying an innovative and flexible pedagogy, L’ESC Pau business school is the school for you …

Here we want to push our students out of their comfort zone for them to discover themselves, enable them to be in control of their apprenticeship …and to awaken them to the world that awaits them. As we constantly evolve our apprenticeship methods, via numerous practical situations, we aim to give meaning to our instruction and favour the interactions between teacher and student .Explanations.

As there is no better way to learn than to be confronted by practical situations, our school has decided that as from the start of the 2017 academic year, the accent will be placed more than ever on experimental and coach learning .Simply put, from the start of your arrival in M2, the key to the whole of your apprenticeship will be putting things into practice .This will involve business games which will encourage you to work on real problems from partner companies in the region. The theoretical knowledge in management science, finance, marketing, is provided in a personalized way by a teacher-researcher that plays the role of a coach. He will prompt you to ask yourself the right questions, to reason on the pertinence of a possible answer. The knowledge that you will acquire will unblock situations, enlighten you, and advance your progress towards making decisions. If you want to deepen a particular point, you have access to e-learning. Being confronted to such a wide span of practical situations will give you the opportunity to be connected to real life economy, and to be in the action. Of course these modules are subject to regular evaluations which allow coaches to make sure that the essentials are acquired.

Developer of Talents

Even though this atypical and innovative pedagogy might shake you up a bit, it has the upside of helping you to discover yourself. It will allow you to become involved in your own training, to directly apply yourself in your choice of career and specialities. In other words, to lead you towards the future that you want. As it encourages your creativity and initiative, this teaching method has the advantage of encouraging you to shoulder more responsibility. In this free environment you will take pleasure in your apprenticeship. Finally, even if you have a precise idea of which course you want to follow, such as accountancy and audit for example, these multiple experiences will open you up to a large range of horizons. As a Graduate of L’ESC Pau Business School you will be able to overcome uncertainties you may encounter, to work and to collaborate in projects. You will at last know how to work in a multidisciplinary team, to come up with innovative solutions, to develop and innovate, test and confront different viewpoints. In this way you will now meet the requirements of the working environment that the world offers, and square up to your professional challenges. Isn’t this the ultimate goal! Your turn to play. Dare yourself.

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