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Published on 09/02/2018

At ESC Pau Business School, one learns to learn differently…

Come and try for yourself a learning method that places experiential learning at its core each day and offers a truly unique experience. Choosing to join our friendly school is choosing to develop the fundamentals of management science during business games, practical settings, consulting missions, both in the virtual world and the real one! That’s learning by experience, backed up by the guidance and direction of a caring teacher, your own coach…

Let us explain.

Pursue a marketing course with a major player in the food processing industry –“Candia”-once you’ve had a guided tour of the facilities by their management team geared up for students.

Discover some of the famous wine producers in the Bordeaux region – Château Pedesclaux, Château d’Issan, Château Cantermerle – spend time with and learn from the owners of these outstanding wine regions…and of course learn to sample the majestic “grands crus classés!”

Take a week-end trip to the renowned cultural city of Bilbao in Spain, a world leader in regional marketing. A professor of Art and History, who lectures design thinking and creativity in our school, would be happy to take you on a guided tour around the Guggenheim museum.

Head off to the coast to Biarritz for a few days where you will work as a group on a business game, meet up and exchange ideas with former graduates who have now settled there. You will then have the opportunity to get the feel of life in this South West corner of France, the Pays Basque, where different cultures collide. Enjoy diverse cultural visits and regional sports…

To name a few actual examples offered by ESC Pau. So many unique learning experiences shared together as a group outside of the confines of the School, coached by the very best in their field.

“Our teaching methods are being overhauled!” remarks Youssef Errami, dean of the ESC Pau Business School. “It’s based on two pillars. Firstly experiential learning. It means that our students learn from real life situations; going through tangible experiences, the thinking stage, analysis of the experience then the summary. The students are asked to take a good look at themselves and their surroundings. They can use their initiative and control the direction their training takes. Second pillar: Coach learning. The teacher becomes a true coach to the pupil. He’s not just there to supply head knowledge, but rather to build up the student ingenuity. First of all, he gives thought to a problem or project, sets goals to attain to and the necessary skills required. In class, he guides, moulds each group, steers the thinking, helps out when needed and solves problems providing ideas or know-how as necessary. Afterwards, the coach gathers together the work undertaken and gives a personalised feed-back to each group. This way of collaborating conveys to the student meaning, team spirit and the ability to question. It also allows him to acquire technical skills as well as soft skills.”

So if what you want is to be in control of your apprenticeship and taste the unique and unconventional style of teaching of a Grande Ecole, but still have the support of a caring and knowledgeable team, make ESC Pau Business School your choice.

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