EM Strasbourg Business School’s 10th anniversary honors its international students !

Published on 11/12/2017

As part of the 10-year celebration of EM Strasbourg Business School and the 30 years of the Erasmus programme…

EM Strasbourg honors its international students by proposing to them to make discover their gastronomic culture to the student community, teacher and administrative staff through a participative lunch called “Potluck”.

Around fifteen countries were represented.

A conference with Ms. Doris PACK, former Member of the European Parliament and specialist on cultural and educative affairs has also been carried out! Since 1987, 9 million people have benefitted from the Erasmus program: higher education students, vocational training learners, teaching staff, and European volunteers, etc.

Feedback from an Australian student at EM Strasbourg

Let’s meet with this 24-year-old Australian, keen on traveling and discovering new cultures.

She is one of those young people nowadays, born with a backpack, a pair of sneakers, a curious heart to travel the world, and to meet new people around the globe. Originally, from Perth, Australia, Zara Finlayson arrived in Strasbourg in January 2017 to participate in the Scribe 21 programme and her Master of Commerce degree from the University of Western Australia (UWA) to take the EM Strasbourg business school Master’s degree in International and European Business.

“The prestige of the EM Strasbourg Business School and the University of Strasbourg, the proximity of the European institutions as well as my passion for French culture and gastronomy made me choose this destination rather than the other suggested characteristics about Europe,” explains Zara.

Talking about meeting people and networking, Zara has been enjoying it a lot here! “I have never evolved in a context as international as that of EM Strasbourg”, she says, “we have students coming from all over the world, who have also traveled a lot. It is fascinating because this collective international experience leads us to question the impact of our respective culture in our way of understanding our future roles in our work.”

Beyond school, Zara says this year in Strasbourg was one of the most beautiful years of her life. She then shares with us all the attractive features about Alsace in a few words: its unique culture, gastronomy and wines on one side, but also its central located geographical advantage to travel all around the Europe, from Iceland to Portugal, through Lithuania and Croatia, etc. Unfortunately, all the good things have an end and Zara will go back home to Perth at Christmas … with unforgettable memories of EM Strasbourg and Alsace of course!

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