Attractiveness Agency of Alsace and EM Strasbourg Business School, together for the best of the territory!

Published on 17/04/2018

The Attractiveness Agency of Alsace and EM Strasbourg Business School signed, in 2018, an agreement…

…in which they undertake to rely on one another to promote the image of the Alsace throughout the world. By involving especially the students of EM Strasbourg, particularly turned towards the international, the Agency and the school offer a magnificent box of resonance to Alsace.

This partnership sounded obvious. By making the choice to get closer through a convention, the Attractiveness Agency of Alsace (AAA) and EM Strasbourg Business School seal a pact that should greatly benefit Alsace and the school itself. Even while these two institutions also come to recall the very strong interweaving that exists between a large school and the territory that hosts it. « Every big school has an attractive and economically dynamic region, » said Herbert Casteran, Dean of EM Strasbourg Business School, « and, conversely, an attractive school can only benefit a region« . For example, by attracting a population of executives reassured by the opportunity offered to their children to follow higher education close to home.

EM Strasbourg Business School, an international vocation

The stakes of this rapprochement are multiple. From the point of view of the influence of Alsace, it must thus allow the AAA to benefit from the force of striking EM Strasbourg: 3300 students, who for the great majority, leave for a stay abroad at one point in their course. Not to mention the 600 international students that the school welcomes each year from all over the world. All of them aim to bring the voice of Alsace to the world and it is in this perspective that the network of the Ambassadors of Alsace will be created, which perfectly complements the already existing one of the Ambassadors of Alsace strong of its 27,000 members and carried by the AAA.

« We will ask young people to carry the message of Alsace and equip them with communication tools for that, » says Herbert Casteran. One of the challenges of this rapprochement is also to make the region better known to non-local students, who often only know Strasbourg, « that there are so many beautiful things to see in Alsace, » he adds. Discovering and appropriating a territory is essential in order to become a convinced and convincing ambassador.


Concrete initiatives

On the side of the Attractiveness Agency of Alsace, we also welcome this partnership, the first one signed with a higher education institution. « Naturally we already had relations with EM Strasbourg, » says Marie-Reine Fischer, first vice-president of the Attractiveness Agency of Alsace, « but this convention gives us the means to go further« . In particular, it has been said, with the creation of the network of EMbassadors, but also with technical exchanges that will see students work on real practical cases and research work submitted by the AAA. Or even with the co-organization, from the start of the 2018-2019 academic year, thematic conferences such as the EM Strasbourg already propose very regularly. They will be addressed to both students and businesses, and three should be available in the first year.

« Through this convention, we also want to contribute to the rapprochement between the academic world and that of companies, in which we have very powerful relays, and thus allow a better taking into account of the needs of the companies in training« , adds she. A boost that does not refuse: « In general, companies know the name of EM Strasbourg, but not necessarily its economic reality with its 100 million euros of benefits and its 3300 students, » confirms Herbert Casteran. From this point of view, the strength of the attractiveness agency of Alsace, with its 5,000 partners in the fabric of companies in the region, 85 of which are committed to the Alsace Excellence (32 are actually labeled) will prove to be a valuable asset for the school.


 A win-win agreement

This convention therefore takes the form of a two-way sounding board. First by allowing the territory of Alsace to benefit from the force of strikes EM Strasbourg abroad, with its students and its 18,000 graduates in France and around the world to strengthen its image and its reputation. Then by allowing the school to benefit itself from the strength of the network of the Alsace brand in its territory of origin to better be known and be identified as a major asset of its attractiveness. A win-win agreement for the two structures which, beyond themselves, serves Alsace as a whole.


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