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Published on 15/06/2017

Strasbourg is situated in the heart of Europe, it is the official seat of European Parliament and European Council…

…as well as the headquarters of international companies. There is no better school for you to study International and European Business than at EM Strasbourg Business School.

EM Strasbourg Business School keeps pursuing innovation and distinction, and believes that managers are expected to be international. Thus, it is indispensable nowadays to strengthen our students’ analytical abilities, to keep upwith the ever changing market, as well as to deeply understand the digitalization of the society.

DrDaria Plotkina, the head of the International and European Business programme at EM Strasbourg Business School shared with us the good news of offering a new study module called Digital Strategy as part of the IEB programme this year. She thinks that deepening digital skills will allow students to better adapt into the digitalizing society and be ready for the new career challenge in the future.

What are the highlights of the IEB programme at EM Strasbourg Business School?

  • The international atmosphere of the programme which welcomes students from all over the world giving them a unique opportunity to better communicate and to build network in an international environment.
  • The IEB programme provides students a richpractical and unique experience which covers a wide range of businesscourses such as Marketing, Finance, Supply Chain, Case Study, the Professional Development, as well as the opportunities to do European Parliament Simulation that are essential for students’ career development.
  • Students have the opportunities to explore different managerial skills and it is the perfect programme for those who are interested in working within an international background.
  • Strong faculties experts coming from different business domains and different countries such as France, Germany, Ireland and China etc. which give students unique opportunities to get in touch with their potential future partners.


Are there new teachings this year?

The new study module— Digital Strategy will enable students to:

  • deeply understand what digitalization involves and how it impacts our personal and professional life and our society;
  • improve analytical skillslearn practical business tools and software and how to use them in the future;
  • better adapt into the ever changing worldthe digitalizing society and the future career challenge;
  • take newly offered and innovative courses such as Business Enterpreneurship, Basics for digitalization, Digital Marketing, Customer Relationship Management and Import and Export etc.

What are the career opportunities?

This programme will better equip our graduates with sufficient and solid business knowledge and skills that they need for their career development and they will be real experts in the field of international marketingdigital marketing, ecommerceinternational salespurchasing and trade, communication, import and export etc.

What is the opinion of a student?

Xueji Min, an international student from China, specialized in International and European Business of the ProgrammeGrande Ecole at EM Strasbourg Business School expressed that she was very interested in the domain of international business and learned a lot from the courses that cover a wide variety of domains such as finance, Human Resources, Marketing, and Supply Chain etc. She also enjoyed the international atmosphere very much during her studies at EM Strasbourg Business School.

I had classmates coming from FranceGermanyItalySpain and Australia etcI was immersed in a very internationalatmosphere and we did case study altogether to share different ideas so I really liked this programme. I am currently looking for a job within an international setting in China.”


Do not hesitate to apply for the Programme Grande Ecole at EM Strasbourg Business School and come to join our big family of International and European Business at EM Strasbourg Business School!

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