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Published on 15/05/2017

The last Wine Management Conference, held on May 4th 2017 at EM Strasbourg Business School…

give us the chance to present you the EM Strasbourg offer in wine management area.

A great opportunity for you to become a wine manager expert!  

During the Wine Management Conference, experts from wine area have shared their experience to students: they highlighted that the main asset indispensable to become a wine manager is to get a deeper understanding of;

  • The wine industry development,
  • The wine production,
  • The increasing development of wine tourism in France

Student acquiring those skills will be able to better promote and to boost the French wine industry domestically as well as internationally.

Dr. Coralie Haller, one of our wine expert, professor and researcher at EM Strasbourg Business School, and head of the major International Wine Management and Tourism thinks that with our teachings, students will be able to promote the wine tourism of the Alsace region world wild. Studying in Alsace, one of the oldest and the most famous wine regions in France will give many opportunities to students, to do practices in wine tourism, to sell and promote wine to the international market. As EM Strasbourg has strong partnership with wine companies, our students have the chance to study in the real industry, meet many people, and do networking.

Is it necessary that student have a background in wine?

As long as the student want to know more about this area, student is fond of wine, it is all about having this interest and intellectual curiosity at first, and the passion for it will come eventually.

What do you really learn in this major of International Wine Management and Tourism?

The students of International Wine Management and Tourism program will have the opportunities to:

– Study detailed knowledge in wine management area;

– Promote the wine tourism of the Alsace region;

– Acquire specific skills in areas like the production of wineviticultureand wine growing etc.;

– Participating of many wine cellar tours and tourism excursions throughout the whole programme: Les Grand Chais de France, the museum of the wine, wine practices (

– learn how to sell products, and how they are made;

– Join a program with high ranking which is one of the top 20 in the Wine Management and Tourism programs by a professional magazine La Revue des Vins de France in 2016.

Are there new teaching this year?

We will offer more wine related courses, that helps our students to learn more specific skills like the production of wine, viticulture, and wine growing etc. our students will not only learn how to sell products, but learn how they are made, it is a series of process from small grape to the final product. For example, the Introduction to wine and grape class will focus on terroir learning, the wine tasting course teaches students how to practice the taste of wine, other courses include language of wine, entrepreneurship, marketing, finance, and accounting etc.

What are the Career opportunities?

International students come here with their distinctive background and language. They have two options: stay and work in France or work for French companies in their home country.

French companies would hire international students for their unique original culture and their language skills, and the competences of working in an international environment and company. It will helps small companies to extend their market by recruiting international students, so it is a win-win situation. The second option for international students is to work for French companies in their home country as import and export manager, marketing manager, in the domain of wine and tourism and even in wine tasting.

This programme delivers new career opportunities for students seeking managerial positions in the wine and tourism industry.

  • Import and export manager
  • Marketing manager: small, medium, large winery
  • Distribution manager: winery, wholesale and retail
  • Regional or group business export representative
  • Wine or regional tourism manager

What is the opinion of a student?

Danyang Li, an international student from China, specialized in International Wine Management and Tourism of the Programme Grande Ecole explained that she really enjoyed the multicultural environment during her studies at EM Strasbourg Business School.

She also really appreciate the small classes and the strong faculty members from different countries like United State, Australia and France etc.

The professors of the program are very professional and responsibleDrHaller started following our career planning atthe first day of school and also used her networking to help us to obtain more career opportunities.” Danyang is currently working as an intern at Grands Chais de France in Petersbach, France.

Do not hesitate to apply for the Programme Grande Ecole at EM Strasbourg Business School!

Come to experience the passion that we all share here in Alsace in wine and tourism, our faculties members are not only academic lecturers, they are also wine professionals coming from different countries and regions, so come and join our big family of wine and tourism at EM Strasbourg Business School!


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