Discover the « International Purchasing » specialization in apprenticeship at EM Strasbourg Business School thanks to the testimony of Mengze Zhang, Alumni 2017

Published on 12/01/2018

Strasbourg is one of the most amazing cities in France…

The multicultural atmosphere brought from numerous international students make it more attractive and tolerant, while at the same time, its long history between France and Germany offers us an excellent chance to experience its special charm.

I chose this beautiful city to continue my study after watching a video of “Christmas market in Strasbourg”. I liked it so much that I decided to come and discover it for myself. I was lucky that Strasbourg is the only Business School in France belonging to a renowned public university – The University of Strasbourg:  is among the top 150 in the Shanghai ranking with 4 Nobel prizes.  Also with 27% international students coming from 83 nationalities, EM Strasbourg offers us practical courses taught by 600 business executives who have long working experiences in companies, and the alumni are working with talent all around the globe.

The first time I came to Strasbourg, our school arranged an experienced student to help us so that we could integrate to school as soon as possible. With her kind help, looking for accommodations and opening banking account were no longer an issue.

As the Supply Chain industry in China is developing very fast, more and more professional workers are in huge demand. Purchasing, as one important sector of the Supply Chain, has a bright future. After knowing about this major, I soon got interest in it. And the following courses didn’t disappoint me: purchasing process and stocking, such as purchasing strategies, production management, purchasing contracts and internal client management. Several case studies that introduced in class gave us an overview about the real work of a purchaser; also, some simulation games formed us with real purchasers’ thoughts.

The second year, I decided to do an apprenticeship; the opportunity of apprenticeship was available to everyone (under requirement). One-year oversea working experience will absolutely make me to stand out from numerous competitors, and the monthly salary (at least 1200€) can cover all expenses of school and daily life. In addition, the company paid my tuition fees. For three months, I have searched for apprenticeship opportunities on the internet, also from my friends and classmates. After several interviews from different companies, a hardware company with the position of a purchaser finally accepted me.

My HR colleagues took care of renewing my student visa / residence permit, as well as my work visa. The apprenticeship could last for 13 or 15 months depending on your choice, and 5 weeks’ paid vacations will be included during this period. In short, doing an apprenticeship was a great stimulation to improve my professional skills. It offered me a chance to communicate and negotiate with different kinds of people; it also trained me to face and to solve different problems about work, such as out of stock or overstock.

Once my apprenticeship was accomplished at the end of September, I returned to China to take part in the Campus Recruiting. With a diversified and catchy study and work abroad experiences on my resume, I finally found a position within the Supply Chain domain after 2 months of efforts. I truly appreciate the competencies as well as the professional skills that EM Strasbourg has brought to me, because I could not become whom I am today without choosing to study at EM Strasbourg Business School.

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