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Studying in one of the six Pass-World member business schools offers a guarantee of receiving a degree recognized all over the world…


Your secondary studies recognized internationally by our member schools

Are you looking to come and study in France at one of the six Pass-world member Schools of Management? If so, your final secondary-level diploma will be examined by the Pass-world administration team, who will then confirm your admission level (Bachelor or Master).

Our schools’ post-secondary degrees recognized abroad

Pass-world study tracks registered in the LMD system

The degrees delivered by our member schools have all received official recognition from the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research, providing a guarantee of excellence. This applies to the equivalent of 3 years of post-secondary study (Bachelor) and 5 years (Master). The criteria respect the terms of the European LMD (Licence-Master-Doctorat) set-up, to which no fewer than 48 states belong since its launch via the Bologna process in 1998. As a result, all our students and graduates benefit from the complete recognition of our degrees within this European higher education zone, as well as the chance for genuine study and working mobility across the continent.

A universal index for all European curricula

In addition, our validation methodology is fully aligned with those in use in all European member countries, thanks to the ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) set-up, which renders all university-level course credits fully transferrable and therefore recognized on an international level.

Each teaching unit relates to a subject and carries a specific value in European credits (30 per semester, 60 per year of study). In order to successfully complete a year of study, a student must obtain 180 credits (for a 3-year Bachelor) or 300 credits (for a 2-year Master). ECTS credits are applied based upon exchange agreements between institutions.

Pass-World and international accreditations

International labels offer a guarantee of the excellence of the training delivered by a business school, as well as the extent to which it meets international standards.

Four distinct labels are in use:

EQUIS (European Quality Improvement System). A European accreditation that highlights the pedagogical approach, the quality of the teaching and research, the capacity for innovation, the links established with the socio-economic environment, and the international component.

AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business). An American label indicative of a high level quality of teaching and a top-level set-up.

AMBA  (Association of MBAs). A British label awarded to the highest quality MBAs (Masters of Business Administration), MBMs (Masters in Business and Management) and DBAs (Doctorate of Business Administration).

EPAS (EFMD Program Accreditation System). A label devised to indicate the quality of the teaching and assessment of a school and especially aimed at institutions offering training of a distinctly international nature.

The six Pass-world competitive entrance exam member schools have all been awarded one or several accreditations:

ESC Pau holds the EPAS accreditation.

Four of our member schools belong to the 1% of double-accredited business schools:

AACSB and EQUIS for EM Normandie and Burgundy School of Business;

AACSB and EPAS for EM Strasbourg;

AACSB and AMBA for IMT – Télécom Ecole de Management;

Grenoble EM is one of a select few of institutions in the world to have received triple EQUIS-AACSB-AMBA accreditation.


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