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Student visa with Campus France

Campus France provides a step-by-step range of services designed to help you with the various tasks you will need to carry out when settling in France…

Campus France: administrative information and help for all.

Registering with Campus France

Via the Campus France website, find the closest available service to where you live. 255 local points of contact are currently operating, spread across 124 countries, consisting of dedicated services within embassies, cultural centers, institutes and French alliances. Connect onto the country-specific site that concerns you and start your search for information. The service is entirely free of charge. 

Help in your choice of education program

On the site dedicated to your country, choose the training program that suits you depending upon several criteria: track, program, language of instruction etc. 

Administrative registration support

On the Campus France website you will find all the information you will need to register for your program and school of choice for the Pass-world competitive entrance exam, depending upon your administrative situation (geographical area of origin).   

You are a European student

You must take the same steps as French students in order to register (Pass-World competitive entrance exam registration, before May 31st of the year in progress)

You live in Europe but are not of a European nationality

Contact directly the school(s) of your choice

You are concerned by the “Studies in France” process

This applies if you live in one of the following 41 countries: Algeria, Argentina, Benin, Brazil, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cameroon, Chili, China, Colombia, Comoros, Congo Brazzaville, Democratic Republic of Congo, Djibouti, Egypt, Gabon, Guinea, India, Indonesia, Iran, Ivory Coast, Japan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Madagascar, Mali, Maurice, Mauritania, Mexico, Morocco, Peru, Russia, Senegal, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Togo, Tunisia, Turkey, United States, and Vietnam.

You must make a specific higher education registration request. The “Studies in France” platform enables the overall management of registration steps of this kind, up to and including visa applications. This is above all the place where you can submit your registration application, speak with the Campus France service relating to your country and communicate with the institutions to which you would like to enroll. 

You are a non-European student not concerned by the “Studies in France” process

Contact directly the school(s) of your choice.

The agency also provides assistance in preparing your application and following up the school selection process, up to and including the final response. This stage in the process costs €100-150 if the participation of consular services is required. 

Turn-key scholarships

Campus France designs and implements made-to-measure scholarships aimed at foreign students and researchers looking to continue studies or conduct research in France. In its capacity as the privileged point of contact for a number of public representative bodies (embassies, ministries, the European Commission, agencies etc.) and private organizations (major French and foreign corporations), Campus France can assist you in acquiring financial aid via ready-made solutions, offering a major boost and the prime conditions for the start of your studies in France.

Preparing for departure

Via your personal online zone you can track the progress of your application and access a range of handy information kits designed to help prepare your arrival in France, as well as seek assistance from Campus France in booking accommodation. 

As part of this service you will receive, prior to your departure, a Campus France pass. This document provides a full re-cap of the service in place for your arrival, travel, accommodation, the amount of your annual allowance and the means of payment.   

In addition and as part of the service, you can also obtain a confirmation of commitment to cover costs designed to facilitate the visa application process. 

Being a Campus France scholarship holder: an array of extra services

It’s official – you have been admitted into one of the six Pass-world competitive entrance exam member schools! Like 20 000 international students in 2016 alone, do you receive a scholarship from a French or foreign governmental or private organization managed by Campus France? If not then via a request made by your original institution, a partner of Campus France, you can access a number of additional services in order to facilitate your stay in France from all perspectives. 

Logistical management of your travel and welcome

Upon arrival in France you will receive a personalized welcome prepared for you by Campus France. The aim is to ensure that your stay in France progresses from start to finish in the best possible conditions. 

Upon arrival in France you will be transferred directly to your accommodation. If required, temporary accommodation will be made available.

Campus France may book travel for you between France and your country of residence.

If your scholarship should arrive late then Campus France will assist you with the initial payment via airport currency exchange offices or via international bank transfer.

Guidance throughout your stay in France


In signing an agreement with the CNOUS (national center for university works), Campus France has at its disposal an annual quota of bedrooms within university halls of residence (the agency also owns two entire halls in Paris). 

In some cases Campus France can even offer accommodation in a private student hall of residence or within a hotel set-up, for the entire duration of a student’s stay or whilst waiting for a place in a student hall of residence. 


Campus France provides systematic support on health issues or in the event of an accident to all scholarship holders over the age of 28 as well as all those not covered by student Social Security. Depending upon the program scholarship set-up in place, subscription fees may be reimbursed, as well as costs incurred by registering for extra health protection. 

The social protection provided by Campus France breaks down into several schemes, but in general includes the following: 

The reimbursement of health and hospitalization costs incurred during the student’s stay; 

Follow-up of particular cases by a medical officer;

Civil responsibility;

Benefit plan;

Third-party payment with listed health professionals;

Repatriation assistance.

Administrative support

Campus France may also help you with various administrative steps, including applying for a residence permit.   

The agency may also make available the following services:

A specific point of contact in charge of overseeing pedagogical, administrative and financial issues;

A personal online area;

A single email address for communication with all your points of contact;

A dedicated website;

A booklet presenting its scholarship scheme;

A 24-hour telephone service.

Study supervision

Campus France can also provide individual supervision of your studies throughout your stay: 

Verification of your enrollment for the year in progress;

Compilation of potential problems encountered, by you and your teachers;

Receipt of a copy of end-of-semester and/or end-of-year results.

This information is sent on to the partner university:

At the beginning of each academic year (individual profile sheet tracking your studies since your arrival in France);

At the end of the academic year (publication of your results once certified by the host institution);

At any other moment, in the event of problems.

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