GLOBAL BOOSTERS: Master 1 students work on real company projects

Published on 14/04/2017

Master 1 students of the Grande Ecole Programme at ESC Pau get a feel for the “learning by doing”…

teaching approach by getting involved in the Global Boosters Business Project management. Students who join ESC Pau Master programme via Passworld can therefore experience this innovating Business project. Students endorse the role of junior consultants by conducting a real consulting mission for a company. Once again this year, seven companies have given students a problem to solve in digital marketing, HR, strategy, management or international development. For ESC Pau students it is a way to mix theory and practice while working in a team on a real company case. They are also introduced to new innovating management and design thinking techniques and are pushed to use them to solve their business case.

During 11 weeks, students get highly involved in their Global Boosters projects; for international students the project is of course in English. Each group is assigned a company, a problem to solve and a coach, a professor of ESC Pau faculty. “This Business project is highly paced and supervised” explains Dr Dominique Bouet in charge of the programme. “The companies come three times to school: right at the beginning to present the content of the mission to the students, mid-term to review the progress of the students and at the end to evaluate the business proposals. In teams of 5 or 6, students are coached 2 hours per week by a professor of ESC Pau Faculty. They also get a theoretical background in Project management, Group dynamics, Strategic marketing, Strategic management, Innovation, Communication, Business intelligence.

Deliverables and high expectations

Students learn how to work in a team and manage a team. They also learn how to apply their knowledge and respond fully to companies’ high expectations. They have to produce mid-term a business service proposal signed by both parties which states the mission, the objectives, the deliverables, the planning and the process. At the end of the 11 weeks, they have to submit 3 finalised deliverables: a business report, a ppt of the final presentation presented to the company and an executive summary. 7 companies have been involved in the 2016-2017 Global Boosters: N’Py, Boncolac, Versant Edition, Foodyplast, CCI – Jumelage, J’Pack and La Crème.

New in 2017-2018

For the 2017-2018 Global Boosters, students who have a business creation project are offered the opportunity to work on their own project. They will have to set up a team who will help them design a business plan. The final deliverables will be presented to a jury composed of bankers, business angels, entrepreneurs and ESC Pau professors. The students who want to join will be selected at the latest in September 2017.

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