Grenoble Ecole de Management announced the launch of a new brand platform « Business Lab for Society »

Published on 16/05/2018

Purpose? Grenoble Ecole de Management has launched a new brand platform « Business Lab for Society »…

…to guide its communications and unite the school’s actors around a unique, inspiring brand that would reinforce GEM’s distinctive identity. The promotional video : 

What has changed? The GEM brand has transformed to make the most of its alpine and urban environment. It has been simplified and focuses on the character of the school and the message of the school which is clear: it’s the individuals that matter at GEM. The phrase « Business Lab for Society » was integrated in the school’s logo in order to reaffirm this unique vision. It’s also an opportunity to point to Grenoble’s ecosystem, which is full of laboratories, research centers and R&D departments. A new slogan has been incorporated:

« ActThinkImpact »
This slogan touches all of GEM’s audiences. Simple and direct, it promotes pragmatism, reflection and humanism. With never-ending variations, for example “ActThinkDream”, it encourages action—action that has a real impact on lives, careers, companies and society.

“Our new brand design is a commitment to charm all, while respecting our identity, to express and hold our promises, to be ambitious but not arrogant… » says Annelaure Oudinot, director of Brand, Digital and Communications at GEM.

What does this mean for the future? Now, more than ever, GEM is more than just a school. It’s a laboratory where the sky’s the limit to invent the company and society of tomorrow. It’s a testing ground, a place for experimentation, analysis and unique combinations to solve complex problems.

« At GEM, we want to go beyond education and research. Movement, experimentation and thinking in action; our capacity to build alliances; our expertise in the Management of Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship; our strong regional roots and our national and international development… Through all of these factors, we wish to offer concrete solutions to the major challenges of tomorrow, » explains Loïck Roche, Director of GEM.

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