The Pass-world entrance exam is divided into 2 separate levels relating to 2 different programs: the Bachelor level and the Master level.

Each of these 2 levels carries its own terms of eligibility, a specific program within the schools in question and adapted tests the day of the entrance exam.


Here you can find information specifically aimed at students wishing to take the Master program.

You are eligible for entry into the 1st year of the Master in Management program if you meet the following requirements:

You have completed 2 years of studies outside of France


You hold or are in the process of obtaining (all academic subjects included)

  • Either a non-French Bachelor degree or 180 ECTS;
  • Or a French Bachelor degree/180 ECTS but do not have French nationality.

The Master in Management is a 2-year program covering the last 2 years of a Grande Ecole Program, successful completion of which is awarded with the DESMA (Diplôme d’Etudes Supérieures en Management), the highest education Management diploma, a Master-level degree recognized by the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation.


Our 6 member schools offer this program:


When registering you must choose the program teaching language: English or French.

Depending upon the language, each of the 6 schools offer specific specializations from which to choose in the final year.


The Pass-world entrance exam comprises 3 tests:

  Written English test

1st-year entrance

You have an IELTS, TOEIC, TOEFL grade


You take the Pass-world Language Test (PLT)

   Written logic test

1st-year entrance

For the French track

You have a TAGE MAGE grade


You take the Pass-world Admission (PAT)

in French


You take the TAGE MAGE with Pass-world (+€130)

1st-year entrance

For the English track

You have a GMAT, GRE, CAT grade


You take the Pass-world Admission Test (PAT)

in English


1st-year entrance


This is an interview with a Pass-world jury, in English or French depending on your teaching language choice.

What is the PLT M1?

Pass-world offers you the chance to take its own 50-minute written English test, the Pass-world Language Test (PLT), in MCQ format comprising 4 possible answers (of which just 1 is correct).


The content is specifically tailored to Master applicants (M1) and comprises 4 parts:




You must select the answer enabling you to complete sentences with the right form

Syntactical construction

You must find the deliberate mistake from a selection of proposed errors



you must find synonyms or pairs of terms that complete logically a series of verbal analogies

Reading comprehension

You must read a text and then answer multi-choice questions regarding the content


What is the PAT M1?

Pass-world offers you the chance to take its own written logic test, recognized by all member schools and Campus France, the Pass-world Admission Test (PAT), successful sitting of which delivers a grade certificate.


It comprises a management aptitude test designed for Master applicants (M1), in French or English depending on the teaching language of choice.


Lasting 2 hours, it is taken in MCQ format, and consists of 4 possible answers per question (of which only 1 is correct). The test comprises 3 parts:


Quantitative reasoning

Critical reasoning

Verbal reasoning

Logical reasoning



What you need to know about the interview

All applicants, regardless of academic ability, must attend a 20-minute motivation interview designed to understand the reasons behind their decision to study in France and apply for the competitive entrance exam.


You will also be encouraged to devise your professional project in both the short and mid-term.


The oral exam is generally held following your written tests the same day or remotely via Skype, if you have submitted your logic and English test grades taken on an independent basis prior to your Pass-world registration.

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