More than just a business school, the IMT – Télécom Ecole de Management campus is a genuine living space!

Published on 18/01/2019

The Télécom Ecole de Management is not just a campus designed for training programs…

… but also for dialogue, culture and innovation. It is a place that brings together people from diverse backgrounds and 50 nationalities, where students alternate group work sessions, conferences, and association events. The campus offers all the necessary conditions to live school life to its fullest.

The ability to collaborate or solve problems are skills that are expected of students when they enter the working world. The IMT-Télécom Ecole de Management campus is fully adapted to these expectations. Located 35 kms south of Paris, the campus stretches out over 6 lush green hectares and provides the perfect point of departure from which to discover Paris enriched by so fantastic a historic heritage and the means of taking in French culture.

IMT-Télécom Ecole de Management remains a manageably-sized business school where the

1500 students present on campus do not go unnoticed and are truly received as members of a community that IMT Business School wants to keep as welcoming as possible. The members of administrative staff and teaching teams are committed to overseeing students on a daily basis. With classes averaging 20 students, the IMT Business School has successfully established a genuine connection between students and the teaching and administrative staff. The school provides close support as preparation for working life by keeping a close eye on each student’s learning progress. Life on campus also makes it possible for students to take part in fairs dedicated to employment and thereby focus on more specific professional objectives.


Thanks to the comfortable accommodation available on campus (over 800 student bedrooms), the wide variety of teaching departments, its 51 classrooms, 3 lecture theaters, 5 language labs, young innovative business incubator, well-stocked media library, cafeteria, restaurant, wide range of sporting facilities (1 gym, 3 tennis courts, 1 basketball court, 1 beach volley court), and its radio studio, ITM can well and truly be defined as a high-quality institution in which to live and study. The many cultural, artistic and sporting events set up by the school or its student associations enrich campus life from September to July of every year.

In order to make the campus as convivial a place as possible where you can spend time just relaxing as well as studying and working, a large part of the premises are dedicated purely to association life, whilst natural green surroundings have been maintained thanks to the areas reserved for barbecues in the summer. Whilst the campus is a place to live it is also a place for culture, where you can attend music performances. For example, a projection followed by a debate took place on December 7th, 2017 in relation to the documentary “Nothing To Hide” which examines the topic of permanent surveillance and the collection of digital data.  

The campus also provides a venue for discovering cultures and customs from the world over. On November 21st, a 4-hour trip around the world took place on the IMT campus called “The Global Village”. This event brought together over 800 participants on the campus shared with the Télécom Sud Paris engineering school. This evening event was designed to raise student awareness of intercultural challenges via a fun approach, successfully highlighting the importance of open-mindedness and understanding the kinds of differences that will enable those who took part to work and progress within international companies. The Global Village on campus was a great success. Set up by AIESEC (an international association present on campus), it attracted students from over 25 countries and French regions, all of whom presented their culture. In order to facilitate dialogue between these different cultures and their understanding, the event featured culinary specialty tasting sessions, traditional dancing, and decorative artefact and costume exhibitions. Sharing and conviviality reigned supreme. The atmosphere, music, décor and dishes came from one stand after another. The Chinese students’ show was especially anticipated and appreciated, not forgetting the many French specialties on display serving as a reflection of what our regions have to offer.


Life on the IMT –Télécom Ecole de Management campus offers a whole host of opportunities. The Business School wants to create a place for serious thought and growth and therefore pays particular attention to projects conducted by students and the chance to create a genuine campus spirit. With all this in mind and on offer, don’t be afraid to take the plunge and live the student experience that awaits you!  

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