Area Managers

The team comprises representatives per geographical area, most of whom live in the relevant countries and are able to answer the various questions posed by local students regarding Management School studies in France.

In fact, all our Pass-world representatives have many years of experience in the French Higher Education sector and are accustomed to supporting international students throughout the process of entering a Pass-world member school.

pass-world asia

Pass-world Asia: Mr. Cédric Barrier

Asia Area Manager
Hong Kong
Taiwan, Province of China

“ I am constantly moving from one city to another, from Asian megalopolises to small provincial towns…wherever I can find potential Pass-world students and partners! I am a firm believer in the quality of French higher education, which I have been promoting for many years now from Asia. I am also a keen advocate of group work, be it between Pass-world schools or between individuals. Indeed, I have been lucky enough to work day in day with consummate professionals as Asia Area Manager for Pass-world.”

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pass-world china

Pass-world China: Mrs LIU Bei

China Manager

" I have worked at Campus France China during 10 years. I was in charge of promoting French higher education and helping Chinese students with their orientation. Recently, I had a chance to use my experience for the representation of Pass-World and its Business Schools. The high level of the schools, the quality and extensive offer of programs, as well as the international credibility propose a very attractive platform for students interested in business and management. This is the start of a new adventure with colleagues everywhere in the world!  I am looking forward to meeting motivated students. "

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pass-world vietnam

Pass-world Vietnam: Mrs Hai Anh Pham

Vietnam Manager
Viet Nam

" I have been immersed in french language and the french culture for a long time. Therefore, I have become an interpreter, translater and professor at university in Vietnam. Recently, I got acquainted to Pass-World after I volunteered to be an interpreter during a Campus France education fair. It was a very unusual, innovative and human speech to me! Soon after, I decided to spend more time and energy to introduce these world-class Business Schools and programs to Vietnamese parents and students. "

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india pass-world

Pass-world India: Mrs Gloria Pillai

India, Nepal, Sri Lanka Manager
Sri Lanka

“ Hello from Kochi, the city where I live! I have always enjoyed working in international set-ups. Indeed, they enable me to discover various cultures and form a bond with people on the other side of the world. Representing and promoting Pass-world is a challenge that I rise to with passion. Plus, Indian students are more naturally inclined towards pursuing higher education studies in English-speaking countries. I believe in the concept of the Pass-world alliance and have always maintained a positive outlook. Both of which are keys to our success in India! ”

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business director pass-world

Pass-world North Africa: Mr. Vincent Lassarat

International Development Director and Maghreb Manager

Pass-world North Africa & World - “ I have spent 25 years managing companies in France and abroad. Therefore, I am now convinced that a study project with no international component makes little sense. For this reason, my role within Pass-world is to enable them to gain entrance to our schools in France. Indeed, thanks to top-level teaching, a pronounced multicultural dimension and open-mindedness they will be able to aim for some of the very best working opportunities. Aboce all, their success will be ours too! ”

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pass-world africa

Pass-world Africa: Mrs Blanche Aby Daboiko

Sub-Saharan Africa Area Manager
Burkina Faso
Ivory Coast

“ I was born in the Ivory Coast and today I live in Dakar, Senegal. Indeed, I have been working in guidance, consulting and internalization strategy for 15 years now. Helping young people from African countries realize their life goals is for me more than just a passion. It’s also a vocation. To see the delight in students at being admitted thanks to Pass-world is one of the main reasons for which I enjoy my adventure with the Pass-world alliance so much! ”

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