The key to international students settling in and succeeding at IMT-Télécom Ecole de Management

Published on 18/01/2019

IMT- Télécom Ecole de Management welcomes international students at all levels …

… and from a wide variety of backgrounds (Master students, for a single exchange period, integrated curricula, bi-national programs, Erasmus+ and internships, to name a few examples). There are currently around 20 nationalities from all around the world on campus on a daily basis.

Students all help one another one and offer helpful solutions, from note-taking to showing one another around the premises. This is very much the case of the student association Welcom’, an IMT Business School body whose main goal is to help foreign students fit in as smoothly as possible, both within the school and in daily life. They provide assistance as soon as international students arrive, especially with moving them into their new Maisel room on campus (


Close to 60 associations and clubs contribute to Télécom Ecole de Management campus life. They are shared with Télécom SudParis, covering all major types of activities, including sport, culture, leisure, economics, charity work, and sciences. The BDE (Student Union) manages overall operations and its total budget is the fourth largest of its kind in France.  

Télécom Ecole de Management encourages as varied an association life as possible on campus, as well as the active participation of students in general. This year association activities will make a variety of contributions to learning to become a manager:  

  • Preparing students to transition into working life by acquiring essential communication and project management skills.
  • Helping students to integrate and promoting team spirit by encouraging personal student development.
  • Offering the opportunity to set up a professional project.

Two associations present on campus (Nihao Club, which promotes traditional and contemporary Chinese culture and establishes links with the Asian student community, and Welcom’, which encourages the discovery of new cultures) were on hand to celebrate the Chinese New Year together.  

The event provided students with the chance to enjoy activities linked to Chinese culture, traditional food, shows, dancing and much more.  


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