Discover V-Test, Pass-world’s free training tool !

Published on 16/04/2018

We know how important is exam training for our students…

This is why we provide you with this new tool ! 

Whether you have applied or will apply to Pass-world, V-test is the best self assessment tool that will help improving your performances.

As from this year, Pass-world proposes it for all the students who need preparation for the exam.

V-test is very easy to use as it is:

  • available in both English and French languages
  • absolutely free for its users
  • accessible through one single link :
  • and the registration is a couple of clicks only!

Furthermore, all Pass-world written tests are available on the platform :

  • Bachelor Pass-world Admission Test (PAT), a 60 minute multiple choice questionnaire composed of 3 parts : numerical and verbal logic, fast calculation, problems and graph analysis;
  • Master Pass-world Admission Test (PAT), a 120 minute multiple choice questionnaire composed of 4 parts : quantitative, critical, verbal and logical reasoning;
  • Pass-world Language Test (PLT), a 50 minute multiple choice English questionnaire composed of 4 parts : grammar, syntax, vocabulary and reading comprehension. This test is adapted to the entry level you chose beforehand (either Bachelor or Master).

You will need to pass the test in your chosen studies language, hence all the PAT tests are available in both English and French languages on the platform.

Think of V-test as your personalized tool! You can assess you performance all along your training.

V-test has been thought to be a flexible tool as there are many ways for you to use it. As a consequence, you can either download the past papers or directly train to the test. We recommend you to train in the exam confitions (time limited).

Once you have trained, you can find your results in your V-test account and see how you succeeded to the tests. Most noteworthy all your past trainings will remain available so you will be able to assess your progression. Finally, you can also stop your trainings and get back to them anytime as they remain saved in your Vtest account.

You don’t have a Pass-world account yet? No worries, you can register to V-test before or after applying to Pass-world!

We wish you good luck for your exam prepration and remain available for further information at

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