What is the conditional admission at Pass-world ?

Published on 18/01/2019

Until 2017, the Pass-world admission process consisted in sending application…

…within the 6 member schools in order to be studied every 20th of each month from November to June (December and June sessions were held on 10th).

From 2018 onwards, Pass-world is introducing the conditional admission for the French track programs : it requires to enroll in a program in Paris provided by our partner Quantum Pathways in the end of which the candidate will be ready to integrate the school after having gained the needed skills in French language and management.

What will change for the candidate : he can be offered the following scenario according to his schools’ wishlist :

Scenario 1 : the candidate receives a direct admission from one school ; he confirms by paying the deposit within 6 calendar weeks, from the admission date.
Scenario 2 : the candidate receives a conditional admission from one school ; he accepts and pays separately the Quantum Pathways program fees, and the school deposit (same deadline as scenario 1). If he declines, he will be eliminated but will still have the possibility to reapply.
Scenario 3 : the candidate receives both a direct admission from one school and a conditional admission from another school ; he has to accept one or the other offer within 7 calendar days.
Scenario 4 : the candidate does not receive any offer from the schools. He will still have the possibility to reapply within the same academic year.
In every scenarios, the candidate cannot receive more than one offer of each type (direct and/or conditional).

What will change for the 6 schools : they will have the possibility to accept either directly or conditionnally the applications. Applications that have obtained an eliminatory score will only be offered a condtional admission. As a reminder, the eliminatory scores are :

Score less than or equal to 75 at the PAT or ;
Score less than or equal to 25 at the PLT or ;
Score less than or equal to 8 at the interview.
What remains the same :

Admission results are available between 2 to 12 working days maximum after the transfer of the applications to the schools.

Each candidate will be informed of his admission by email. After receiving the email, if he accepts the offered assignment, the candidate must make a down payment to Pass-world in order confirm his admission:

€3000 for the Bachelor programme, which will be deducted from the school year fees
€4100 for the Master programme, which will be deducted from the school year fees
The school tuition fees are available on the school pages of the Pass-world website.

In the case of a conditional admission, the candidate must also pay the Quantum Pathways tuition fees ‘program. Once the candidate has paid, he will receive the required documents in order to obtain his student visa (registration letter, housing certificate, school fees’ deposit receipt).

After receiving the down payment, the Pass-world administration will send the candidate the official admission documents (letter of direct or condtional acceptance from the school, certificate of housing and down payment receipt) which will allow him to start the visa procedure.

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